G'nite GABA Grape Flavor SUGAR FREE Gummy
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Our professional team leads by Dr Thomas Dicken make progress day by day.
All we guarantee is your food safety and product functions.

New factory in Kansas

We had completed the new factory in 2014, the new facility gave us a stronger capability to research and produce.

Dr Thomas Dicken and his team

Arkki Sahasha,Michele Zex,Abi Patrick, Thomas Dicken, Joel Slimburg,Will Furness

Daily cruise routine

Everyday before we make start. every night before we shut our door, we have to triple check all the facilities running in position.

Gummy in progress

We could produce more than 43 colors gummy, and 17 different shapes, from 0.7 to 15 grams. 120 tonnes a DAY

Quality control team

Kelvin and his colleagues are weighing the bottling line, we do not accept more than 1% error.

Sugar free gummy in progress

Sugar-free is a very difficult technique to control, we need experienced workers keep eye on the production line at all time.

How we work and who we work with?

We found that was pretty easy to purchase expensive facilities and equipement, but those are not the key of making a factory run, but those people who you work with are.

What our customer saying?

When we produce, we listen to consumers' suggestions extensively. The demands of consumers are the driving force and key to our innovation.

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